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A friend asked me once, “If you could choose any super power to have, what would it be?” My reply came without hesitation. I’d be able to time travel; not to change anything or to go into the future, simply to return to those moments that I never want to forget. Those every day moments. The sound of my baby’s giggle. The way her hair would delicately float through the air as I rocked her to sleep. The way my son would curl his toes in delight as he ate his food in his highchair. I love each new stage of life my kids enter, but I also desperately wish I could re-live the stages they have left behind.

Photography (and occasionally videography) is the closest tool I have to time traveling. It is my hope to document these same kind of moments for you as well. My goal is to keep your session as natural and relaxed as possible in order to create images that are organic, real, and timeless, so that years from now, when you look at your photographs, you’ll be brought back to that place in time and you’ll remember.

Image by Laura Nelson Photography